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Portal Digital Dentistry

It's about quality, reliability, and training



We strive to show the
natural in our designs

We serve more than 120 dental clinics inland and around the globe, and are committed to providing not only a range of high quality designs, but exemplary service as well. From veneers to crown restorations, your patients will love their restorations due to their quality and esthetics. 

Single crown

crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers

Designing a dental crown involves a delicate blend of artistry and scientific precision

Implant bridge

implant bridges

We meticulously design monolithic, hybrid or zirconia fixed teeth, 


full and partial dentures

We design comfortable dentures, and aesthetically pleasing



We aim for an aesthetic outcome

of every crown and bridge case, particularly those in the anterior region

Model creation

digital models

 By receiving a precise capture of  the tooth's surface, we'll design a highly accurate 3D digital model



Perfect fit all on X. Full mouth reconstruction design options



Daniel Portal is founder and director of Portal Digital Dentistry a company that has trained hundreds of dental professionals around the world. As former Senior Trainer for eXOCAD North America, he was responsible for educating eXOCAD resellers, labs, and dentists in the western hemisphere. In this role, he traveled extensively to teach lectures and demonstrations at trade shows in Germany, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Hon Kong, and many other countries. Daniel has 12 years of experience using most CAD/CAM systems. Now, as the first exocad-certified trainer in the Americas, Daniel continues to train doctors and technicians on how to implement the eXOCAD software into their digital workflows.

Branded Hat
Canvas Bag Madrid
in-person exocad training


Truly Top-Notch

Whether you're a beginner or ready for next-level instruction, the confidence to move forward comes with hands-on, interactive teaching.  Our courses will ramp up your skills, so you get the most out of your Exocad software. At Portal Digital Dentistry we will customize for you or your team a course to get the most of Exocad in a way that you not only will know it, but also master it in a very short time.

Audiovisual Conference

In-person or Online

Portal Digital Dentistry offers you and your team several ways to learn how to get the most out of your EXOCAD system.

Online training, hands-on workshops, one or more days training seminars. These options are available to help you learn at a pace that fits your learning style. Choose the eXOCAD

training that matches your needs, your schedule, and your budget

Tailored Training

Portal Digital Dentistry

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